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The interface is intuitive and concise. Traders can trade independently according to their own trading experience and preferences. The operation is easy to understand and operate. Support online trading of Forex, crude oil, precious metals, Hong Kong stocks, US stocks and other varieties "

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SWmarkets is customer-centric, providing the most convenient and functional trading platform in the market, simple and intuitive interface and excellent trading performance to meet the needs of more professional and trading loving investors.
Based on this customer-centric concept, we have been trying to create a new and proprietary Forex trading platform designed to meet customers' needs and preferences.

Web Version
SWmarkets platform provides a variety of solutions to download the powerful trading platform to PC or Mac, and enter the official website on the browser anytime, anywhere Click Here Direct Login
Mobile Version
The SWmarkets platform provides a variety of solutions that allow you to manage accounts, funds & Transactions on the collection platform - just use one application! Take your trading platform anywhere!
Trade 30 + products
Trading a variety of Forex, stocks, indexes and commodities, including a variety of common technical indicators and popular charts to help analyze product trends
Information security service
Adopt 128 bit SSL encrypted transmission and MD5 encrypted password
Professional platform
Own independent R & D trading platform ,Platform download is also supported
Convenient consultation
Customer service is online 24 hours a day Respond to customer inquiries in time
Timely information acquisition
Daily market trend analysis24-hour instant messaging and other services
Preferential Activities
Monthly regular preferential gift activitiesEasily double the principal
Select Swmarkets Multiple Guarantees
Information Encryption Guarantee
It adopts SSL encryption technology for encryption protection and is equipped with a strict security system. No one can obtain user information without authorization
Fund Security
The fastest time is 2 hours, and the capital injection is free of handling fee, so as to further reduce the cost. Withdrawal at any time, unlimited times and amount
Data Disclosure Guarantee
All quotation data are open and transparent, and each historical quotation data can be queried on the trading platform
SWmarkets has an elite team with many years of work experience to serve you Trade Now
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